Why Should I Use CBD Drops?

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

What are CBD Drops?

A common way of utilizing CBD oil for its health benefits is by taking it orally using a dropper. Hemp-derived CBD (or Cannabidiol) oil is extracted from hemp plants, which are a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD drops can also be placed in food, smoothies, or other drinks as well, but this may change its absorption rate and/or effectiveness.

Benefits of CBD Drops

If taken sublingually, or under the tongue, absorption of CBD oil into the bloodstream is fast-acting. CBD oil can be absorbed within 5-15 minutes of administration if taken sublingually. The bioavailability, the degree and rate of absorption, of CBD oil consumed sublingually ranges from 12-35 percent, and typically lasts for about four hours. As stated earlier, CBD oil droplets can be put into food or drinks instead. However, this may decrease its effectiveness and take longer to absorb. In comparison, oral use of CBD (gummies, softgels, edibles, etc.) has less than 20 percent absorption rate within about 30 minutes from administration. Effects from taking CBD orally can last up to six hours.

Topical application of CBD, such as lotions, facial cleansers, salves, etc., can have a 90 percent absorption rate. The CBD from these products can absorb within 30 minutes and last a few hours. It is important to note that topical CBD products are used only for topical conditions. Inhalation of CBD through vapes can produce effects within one minute of administration and can last for approximately three hours. Like topicals, vapes have a 90 percent absorption rate. Aside from topical products, CBD intake through oil can be considered more discrete if one does not wish to utilize the vape technique. More specifically, taking CBD oil sublingually has a higher absorption rate than taking it orally in any other form, and effects last longer than with inhalation. Personal preference is key in determining which method to use CBD.

Product Variation of Flavor & Concentration

Many CBD retailers offer different flavors of CBD oils, to mask the CBD taste. Some do not, however. Old Sparta, for example, sells CBD oil in three different flavors: vanilla, spearmint, and berry. Most retailers also offer different CBD concentration amounts. Concentration amounts in oils can range from 100mg to 5000mg.

Dosage & How to Use CBD Drops

When using drops, the oil should be placed directly under the tongue. We suggest letting the oil sit for 30-60 seconds and then swishing it around before swallowing. CBD oil is best absorbed when using this technique. When it comes to dosage, it is unique to each person. Dosage can depend on several factors, including concentration, body weight, tolerance, and desired effects. Typically droppers are 1-mL in volume and the recommended daily dosage ranges between .25-mL and 1-mL. We recommend starting at the lowest mg concentration offered and starting with .25-mL for a few days. If desired effects have not been obtained, try .5-mL daily and so forth. From this point, you can test your tolerance and desired effects with higher concentrations. For Old Sparta customers, we recommend starting with one of our 300mg bottles using the same technique. Please note, first-time users should consult their primary care provider before using any CBD products.

CBD Drops for Pets

Some have also used CBD to help their cats and dogs. It has been suggested that CBD drops for dogs eases symptoms of anxiety, arthritis, pain and several other symptoms. Old Sparta Inc. offers CBD drops specially made in consideration for your dog's or cat's diet.

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